Reading in a Digital Environment

Montag, 6. Mai 2019
Slider Konferenz

Universität Regensburg, November 8, 2019

The international conference “Reading in a Digital Environment” focuses on two key issues for the university of the future: 1. the importance of enhanced reading literacy for academic success; and 2. the cognitive impact of the use of digital media. Both issues are critically relevant with regard to the increasing digitization of higher education institutions. The conference will accordingly suggest strategic directions for the future development of universities and other higher education institutions.

Reading goes beyond a single literacy. Reading processes serve different functions and have radically different goals. These processes thus require different literacies and competencies. This picture – while far from being known to a wider public – is further complicated by the continuous development of new reading media and forms of use in a digital environment. The ability to process information, meanwhile, is at the core of individual scholarly and academic success. Very few studies have hitherto addressed this central concern for the university of the future. This international conference attempts to fill this gap – scholars and practitioners from all relevant disciplines are invited to contribute.

Lectures will be presented in English.

International Conference 2019